I teach people how to avoid trouble, to remove themselves from a bad situation and when all else fails, have the skills necessary to defend themselves using "what's available" material.

Bob Rexroad, Instructor - Florida Gulf Coast University - Renaissance Academy
National Rifle Association Certified Instructor
 It's a sad truth that we live in an increasingly dangerous society and while you may never need my instruction, it's nice to know that you have learned the skills you need to survive an assault.

For years, I've been teaching men and women how to defend themselves with a firearm . But, at the end of many classes, I'm often ask by folks who can't carry a gun, what they can do to defend themselves.

This course, developed in conjunction with Florida Gulf Coast University's Renaissance Academy, is the result of research and practical experience gleaned from leading experts in self defense and law enforcement, condensed into a 2 hour lesson on personal survival.

It's not a course on hand-to-hand combat. It's skills sets about awareness, avoidance, escaping, successfully sounding an alarm and untraditional weaponry.
When violence invites itself into your life, things can get ugly in a hurry.
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